Monday, February 4, 2019

Hello everyone.  I hope you are well in Spirit, Mind and Body.  I am back to teaching Monday Meditations at Santosha Holistic center in Williamsville NY.  Check it out on facebook at

 I also have been guided to pull cards and post on facebook

from the Mother Mary Oracle deck by Alana Fairchild (artwork by Shiloh Sophia McCloud).  It is a beautiful oracle deck with amazing guidance. I am also drawing Mother Mary into my healings and readings.  I am in such humble amazement and gratitude for the blessings she brings me and to my clients during these readings and healings.
Allow yourself to sit in the quiet for a few moments. Take a few slow deep breaths, releasing your daily stress and worries on the outbreaths. Then imagine the beautiful light blue,loving divine healing energy of the Blessed Mother surround you in her comfort and peace. See the golden glimmers throughout her light blue healing energy. Allow the energy to permeate into every cell, tissue and organ you have.  Just sit in this wonderful blessed energy of the Divine Mother.  Know that she is there for us always...just a thought away.  
Have a wonderful February!

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Hello everyone!  This is indeed a very energetically charged time we are living in. With that being said, I felt very moved to post these words for you, words to remember ALWAYS:

You Matter. Every single one of you reading this, matter. When you have a fleeting thought about how you are insignificant, how you think no one would miss you, or no one needs you...…
WE ALL NEED YOU. Think about the quiet pond that looks like a sheet of glass. And then the tiniest drop of rain, or small piece of leaf hits that sheet of glass...what happens? A ripple. A ripple that moves through and out into the entirety of that pond. That is YOU. YOU are a ripple that moves through and out into the entirety of EVERYTHING. Whether it is a positive thought, an encouraging word, a hug, a smile, or simply your presence...WE NEED YOUR RIPPLE. This world needs every ripple it can get. 
We need YOU.

Please take the time for self-care. A few moments of your favorite music, a meditation, a massage, a walk in the woods...whatever YOU need to love yourself...DO IT.  We all need YOU. 💜

Many Blessings and Take Care, 


Saturday, March 24, 2018

Hello again!  I want to share with you some of the specific messages I have received from Spirit for the Inspired Writing class at Santosha in Williamsville.  This first one came in the form of a prayer. 

Spirit be my compass.
Angels light the way.
Point me towards my true North,
To serve your will this day.
Brenda Reading

The message comes from Spirit, then I let the meditation exercises flow and write them for each class. It has been amazing and wonderful how the messages and meditations seem to be a "perfect fit" for the highest and best good of the people that attend class.  

"In those times of despair and self-doubt,
Go deep…Look inside.
You will see the essence of God…
And you will remember who You truly are.
And you will be strong…and you will be brave…
And most of all…You will be loved."

Each class we have two guided meditations. You are encouraged to write down everything you experience in these "journeys", and then if you wish, to share with the group. We have had tears, laughter, healing, and great insights.  It has been an honor for me leading this class for you.

"Like a child playing in the soft, summer rain
Feel the droplets trickle down your arms and legs
Feel the joy and simplicity of the water as it gently hits your skin
Feel your cares and worries begin to fade
Give them all to me.  I will wash them away."

"Honor and respect the “shoes” of others,
For their walk is theirs’ alone.
Though the paths taken may be different,
Where they lead is all the same.
They lead to Me."

Thank you for taking the time to read these messages I have received.

Next class dates are Mon. 3/26, Mon. 4/23, and Mon. 5/21
7 pm. Santosha 22 Lafayette, Williamsville NY. 

So grateful,


Tuesday, January 2, 2018

I think this is worth re-posting......

If You Only Knew....

If you only knew, that the Holy Spirit of God dwells within You, how would that change YOUR world.....

Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman

Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Bracelet

My day was to be relatively normal…normal for me may not be normal for you.  A reading with a client, a haircut, then home. I began my day as I woke up like most days, my prayer of thanks for even waking up.  Then gratitude for having Spirit work through me, asking to help myself and to help others.

As I dressed for the day, I had found a bracelet that I was given a few years ago, when my friend Jill and I had opened our healing center.  My husband and I had recently purchased a home and moved, and my bracelet was still in the “moving” box, packed away back in February of this year.  It is now August, and I was just now rifling through the box, looking for jewelry to wear. I had not worn the bracelet since it had been packed away.  “Today felt like a good day to wear it”, I thought, as I hadn’t given a private reading in a few months. Having the bracelet on felt very supportive and comforting.

As I drove to my appointment for the reading, the client’s “people” decided to arrive early, a father figure and a young man about 15 years old wearing swim trunks, “popped into” my head, eager to talk.  I asked them if they could please wait until we got to her house.  They obliged.  It turns out that they were exactly that, her father and a 15 year-old neighbor boy, eager to meet her, anxious to give loving, healing words to her and her family. The reading went well, full of evidence, (very important to me that the client knows for sure who you are communicating with) messages, and love. Having made a new friend as well, I left once again feeling amazed and in awe of how Spirit works. Spirit is never wrong, and is only there for the highest and best for all concerned.

The rest of my day seemed pretty bland compared to the events of the morning. I had planned a haircut and then a ride back home. Little did I know what Spirit had planned for me. Driving home from my haircut, I decided to “stop in for a bit” at the casino, which is never really “a bit”, as I do enjoy it.  My vice, I suppose. I share fond memories of being there with my Mom and Dad. For some strange reason when I am there, I feel them closer to me, especially when I sit at machines that we used to play together. The casino often changes these machines in and out, and it is a bit strange that after 3 years these particular machines, “the lions” and “the pelicans” are still there. After the check in at player rewards, and a few minutes at a “non-productive” machine (my way of saying I dropped a few bucks) I moved to the all too familiar “lions” machine, a bittersweet feeling, sat down and began to play.  Not two minutes later, an older woman sat down right next to me, also playing “the lions”.  She was a thin, petite woman, (much like my mom), wearing a little pink baseball cap and matching pink shirt. I remarked to her “don’t you look cute all dressed up in your pink today”. Smiling, she thanked me. She wore glasses, and had no particularly striking features, and wore little if any make up. At the risk of sounding judgmental, she was the “type” of person you just might pass by in a crowd, never even noticing her, except for her pink cap and shirt. However, I would soon come to know that she was no “ordinary” woman.

We began to chat as we played, commiserating together when we did not win, and exchanging a “good for you” and “now get all the diamonds” when the machines decided to reward our play. I finally asked what her name was.  “Mary, Mary Regina” she replied. “I was born on the eve of the Assumption of the Blessed Mother, August 14th”. She smiled when she spoke, with a glimmer in her eyes. I responded with a quiet “wow”, as it was the only word I could utter at that moment. Mary Regina then told me she had traveled to Medjugorje four times. Medjugorje is a very small town located in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since 1981, there have been reports of apparitions and other sacred happenings of the Blessed Mother Mary to six of the local children. Millions of people have made the pilgrimage to Medjugorje in hopes of attaining miracles and other spiritual experiences. “It is not an easy trip”, said Mary Regina, and  “ I have done it four times”. She shared a few of her personal experiences with me, one in particular that I told her “she should write about”.  She spoke of her love for Mother Mary and Jesus so candidly and with much joy. Mary Regina told me about a time years ago when she had a serious heart condition. Her doctor was very concerned for her and prescribed nitroglycerine for her chest pain. Mary Regina was using it quite often. One morning she went to church without taking it. Feeling the pain throughout the mass, as Mary Regina was repeating a prayer before communion, something amazing happened. In her words, “as I was saying “Lord, I am not worthy to receive you, but say the word and I shall be healed”, I felt a hand touch my chest”.  She then turned around to ask the people behind her if they had touched her. They had not. Mary Regina’s chest pain had left her body. Upon visiting her doctor, he confirmed that her heart condition had been healed, and she had not used the nitroglycerine since.  This 82 year-old woman’s face beamed with happiness as she told me the story, in an almost “matter-of-factly” way, continuing to push the “repeat your bet” button in between sentences. Upon hearing it, my eyes filled with tears.  

At that moment, I shared with her that I too, once during church, had felt the touch of Jesus. It had happened at a time when I was in so much emotional turmoil, and had also occurred right before communion when I was praying on my knees! It was so freeing and amazing to be able to share my own personal experience with someone who could understand the wonder of it, the unbelievable “there are no words” feeling of it. It was then that I KNEW that Mary Regina had been “sent” to me, and in of all places…a casino…at the machines where my mother and I had sat together.  We continued to chat for over an hour, mostly about the Blessed Mother, for I too have had such experiences. For years, wondering afterward if I had been imagining them, or that I must be “losing my mind”, I felt unworthy for them to be true, to be real.  I felt apprehensive to share them in fear of disbelief and ridicule.  Sharing those feelings with her, I looked down at my left hand and saw the bracelet, and showed it to Mary Regina. The bracelet that I hadn’t looked at in months, and had “happened” to wear that morning. The bracelet that a very kind woman had brought back for me, from her trip. The bracelet that was brought back from a pilgrimage for the Blessed Mother, to Medjugorje.

This thin, petite, 82 year-old woman, dressed up in her little pink baseball cap and shirt had given me the most awesome gift. I believe she was sent to give me the courage to believe in and share my own experiences with the Blessed Mother, just as she had with me.  We are both “ordinary” people, that have had the most “extraordinary” of happenings. Or ARE they extraordinary? How many “ordinary” people are living their life just not speaking about such experiences? How many people are also afraid of disbelief and ridicule?

I for one, will be ever grateful for my time with Mary Regina, and the inspiration she has given me.

To think that my ordinary day, had started out with finding a bracelet.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Eyes of A Child

Have you ever seen the eyes of a baby or child fill with wonderment as they discover for the first time, the simplest things in life?  I have been fortunate to witness this sight, first with my own children, and now in my grandchildren. In doing so, I have realized that the “discovery” of new things in life is also a cycle.  The newness and excitement of the initial experience, the gleaning of all that you can from it, and then the closure:  satisfaction or dissatisfaction, which helps you decide if you wish to repeat the experience. Life has been quite busy for me, handing me many cycle “closures” and endings this year.  There have been closures of long term situations, closures of attempted ideas, and closures of “false beliefs” regarding relationships with people and with myself. I think lately, many of us have been through some type of closures or endings.  

My meditation practice has been absent as of late. I hadn’t “heard” from my monk, and I hadn’t asked to hear from him either. This morning during meditation when I “asked” for my monk to give me some much needed guidance, I should not have been surprised that he addressed these situations of endings. He did not focus on the “endings” however, as we humans tend to do, often holding on to the various possible feelings of sadness, regret or resentment. No, he spoke of the wonderment in the baby’s eyes as they discover the NEW. He spoke of the exhilaration and excitement in the experience of new and different things, the NECESSITY of continuing to do so in our lives, to keep adding to our experience OF LIFE itself. “When you let go of the situations that no longer serve you, there is the opening of time and space to DISCOVER”. “Be that child”, he said. To allow yourself the permission to “be a child” again, to delve into the sweet enjoyment, that “tingle of excitement”, in the not knowing, in the endless possibilities of finding out WHO YOU ARE…THAT is the essence that gives us the continued “push” to experience our life, to move forward and begin the discovery “cycle” again and again.

It doesn’t have to be life changing, fate altering discovery. It can be simple things. For my mom, it was as simple as a new recipe she could not wait to try.  It can also be re-discovering something you used to like to do. For me, I am going to re-discover my art. Who knows where it will take me, how it will serve me now, thirty years later. That is the “stuff” that keeps us going, that keeps us learning and growing. Embrace those cycle closures with the anticipation of wonderment for the new, for the chance to begin again, for the chance to find YOU.



Saturday, October 22, 2016

If You Only Knew....

If you only knew, that the Holy Spirit of God dwells within You, how would that change YOUR world.....